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Wait for someone who tells strangers about you.
— Vodka thoughts #1 (via blossomfully)

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Maybe were perfect for each other, sadly not meant to be together.
— Letter word story #65 (via fuckyeahmeyn)

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school isn’t even about learning anymore, it’s about passing

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following back everyone

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Bring it!!! I will answer anything. ANYTHING. I’m home from work and a little bored.

Aasa na naman ako. Kaya ako nasasaktan e. Palagi na lang akong umaasa

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am I that easy to forget?
— me at 3am (via aiela)

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We don’t meet people by accident , they are meant to cross our path for a reason 👭👭

Tagged by: @littlexelle 20 facts about me:
1. Reena Liz Abad Cube 2. Singing is my hidden talent 🎤✌️ 3. I love dancing 💃 4. I’m inlove with my hello kitty stuffs 💕
5. I’m kind but they think I’m mataray 😊 6. Talkative 7. Pizza is life 🍕 8. I love eating chocolates 🍫 9. Playing instruments is not my thing ✖️ 10. I hate running 11. I hate sports ❌❌ 12. I love fashion 👠
13. My hair is a wig ✌️💁 (bc its too shiny & long) 14. Music changes my mood 🎧 15. Small eyes don’t care 👀 16. Approachable 17. I hate animals (all) 🙅 18. Boys with abs attracts me so much 😍😍
19. I love hanging out with my friends 20. I treat people nice if they’re nice to me 😊

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